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An Integrated Management System (IMS) is a management system that integrates all of your organisation's systems and processes in one complete framework, enabling your organisation to work as a single unit with unified objectives in which the ULTIMATE goal is the organisation’s success, high level of confidence in executing business processes, high productivity, cost efficiency, and satisfied customers.

With an integrated system, your organisation becomes a unified structure, with each function aligned behind a single goal; improving the performance of the entire organisation. You will have a genuinely co-ordinated system that is more efficient than the sum of its individual parts, and can achieve more than ever before. An integrated system provides a clear, holistic picture of all the aspects of the organisation, how they are inter-related and the associated risks. This results in less duplication and it becomes much easier to adopt new advanced systems in the future.

An integrated management system allows a management team to create one structure that can help effectively and efficiently deliver the organisation's ULTIMATE objectives: From managing resources, to monitoring market changes and competitors' activities, from encouraging best practice to minimizing risks and maximizing profits.

Integrated Management is relevant to any organisation, regardless of size or sector. If the aim is to integrate two or more of the organisations’s existing management systems into one cohesive system following guided policies, procedures and processes, then UMECOR is the strategic solution to adopt.

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